New Year’s Revolutions

Some things to live by. During 2018 – and in general:

Set emotional, physical and personal boundaries that are non-negotiable, buy yourself plants, learn how to meditate and pause.

Practice saying the word no, kondo the shit out of your apartment, take time for yourself, ban your phone from your bedroom because that will change your life.

Get help if you feel like everything’s too much – life is not a thing that you have to do alone, read more books, write the things that bother you down and ask yourself what lies beneath.

Listen to what your subconscious might want to tell you with those dreams, have some trust in life, stay open even if you got hurt and rejected, know that your are not somebody else’s opinion.

Change your sheets often, give yourself enough sleep, drink loads of herbal tea, eat your greens, forgive your parents for not being perfect because they did as well as they could.

Recharge in nature, don’t smile if you don’t feel like it, respect yourself and others will do too.

Love hard but live softly.

Never be cool because warmth is where the magic happens, be kind to others because it teaches you to be kind to yourself, tolerate imperfection because it teaches you to tolerate your own imperfections.

Learn how to take defeat and despair as a lesson.

Fight for your rights and stand up for yourself, get to know your demons and welcome them like old friends here to teach you something, don’t be afraid of breaking apart because your cracks are where the light comes in. 

Replace self-destructive patterns with self-love.

Protect the vulnerability of your inner child, trust your intuition and know that you’re not responsible for others because luckily just like the little bug on your window or some leaf on a random tree: you’re only a very small part in a very big world. 📿 

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